Frequently Asked Questions - App Playground

Why should I participate?

Struggling how to build and maintain mobile apps? Wondering how mobility can change your company? Eager to experience how easy is is to build once and deploy everywhere? In one day you will be able to build a prototype that you can take back to your organisation. The best this is that you do not have to be a developer to build your app.

Who can participate?

Whatever your role, you have a chance to build innovative app prototypes in a fun, competitive environment. Use state of the art tools but develop your prototypes without any coding.

Are there cost involved to participate?

No, there are no cost involved. The only commitment we ask from you is pre-work. This will allow you to get started on the app and brainstorm with other participants on their app ideas and approach.

What happens to my design?

You will create your own app idea/design. You could decide to share your app with other participants, to show the great work you've done, like others would do and you might have benefited from it.


For other questions, please email

Frequently Asked Questions - Kony BETA Program

  • All BETA Participants will receive the BETA release software with detailed instructions on setup and features

  • During the BETA program, participants will be fully supported.

  • All BETA feedback from participants (to be recorded into Kony Helpdesk) will be triaged and tracked to closure.


For other questions, please email