If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.

Why Participate?


Experience how digital and mobile transformation can change your company


Collaborate to build innovative app prototypes in a fun, competitive environment


Personal online and in-person training as well as 1:1 coaching during the event


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My vision is to spread the word about UX design and ensure a flawless experience for every user. I’ve worked with other tools that look like live prototypes but don’t work like real apps. Kony Visualizer offers a real native experience that can help developers and designers work together. It’s a great tool.
— Oxana Zhuravkova, UX/UI Designer, Zuro Consult
In a few hours training we already built an application—very intuitive to use
— Marc Van den Broeck, Engie
“Kony Visualizer provides a real native experience on the phone without writing any code. It’s a great tool for design agencies. The tool allows you to prototype and deliver a native experience without developer skills. This makes sharing and testing mobile app ideas a lot easier.”
— Torsten Van Beeck, Senior Architect, Innovativ Partner
Hosting a hackathon with Kony helped Rentokil Initial accelerate uptake, speed innovation, and resulted in valuable insights on increasing efficiency and enhancing our mobile strategy. It was a fantastic engagement.
— Kevin Williams, Programme Manager, Rentokil Initial